What a terrific kickoff event! I want to thank the 35 or so attendees for their interaction and some great questions during the presentations and great follow-up afterwards. Thanks to Switch for providing a fantastic room (with very easy AV setup). Big thanks for everyone who told someone else about the event or brought someone along, word-of-mouth is our best (and only) marketing tool!

There were 3 presentations:

  • an introduction to the Python and R languages, for people who are heavy Excel users
  • a live coding session in Python where we calculated the concentration of the customer base that generates the bulk of revenue (i.e. the 8020 rule)
  • a short summary of the reasons for starting the group and goals going forward

The slide decks and the code for 3 presentations are available in the previous post.

We also heard some a little about how casinos measure players’ theoretical win for table games (as opposed to slots which calculate it automatically), about how video poker machines are often not configured to credit profitable players with an appropriate amount of contribution, and a few past casino promotions and sportsbook odds gone wrong.

The Meetup page for this event is here.

This really was a great first event, glad we got so many people with a variety of backgrounds and experience. Thanks to everyone who offered feedback. Please reach out if you have ideas for a future presentation!