I’m looking forward to attending next week’s Casino Marketing & Technology Conference at Caesars Palace, to spread the word about CAP-COOP. This is an annual conference produced by Casino Journal magazine, bringing together thought leaders in the industry. The attendees are individuals with a specific interest in seeing the newest technology products available and hearing from experts in the field, and (hopefully) push to make positive changes within their own companies by adopting technology and analytics in intelligent ways.

I’m most excited to hear the debate moderated by Dennis Conrad, entitled “Can Slot Players Tell a Loose Slot from a Tight Slot?” A little background here… In April 2017 GGB Magazine published a study by Dr. Anthony Lucas of UNLV and Dr. Katherine Spilde of San Diego State. I read the article, and found a lot of aspects of their study to be troublesome, and their results to be unreliable. I published a rebuttal online, but not having a lot of readers, didn’t get (or expect) much traction. I didn’t even realize until just a few months ago, but multiple people also disagreed with the original article. Two additional rebuttals were published in GGB and another, by Dennis Conrad, in Casino Journal. Well, this battle royale will play out on Wed., July 18 at 1:30 when Dr. Lucas, along with collegue Dr. Ashok Singh, debate the matter with Buddy Frank and Michael Meczka, authors of the GGB rebuttals. Mr. Conrad will moderate. This is going to be a very fascinating, passionate debate!

The Casino Marketing & Tech Conference also coincides with the Host Development Conference on Mon-Tues, and a Mobile Experience Workshop on Tuesday as well. A really great week arranged by CJ!

I’d also like to thank Casino Journal for giving CAP-COOP an opportunity to be represented at the conference and to invite attendees and their colleagues to join our group. Much appreciated!